jeudi 17 juin 2010

I am the only one who can truly help me reaching my goals, I could be helped by a thousand people, If I'm not ready to do what it takes, then I’m straight dead. I must be ready to believe that I can do whatever I want to do, by giving all I have to give on every aspects of my life, because if I never take any chances in life, then, even if I don’t lose anything, I won’t have anything at all. Life is a risk that I am ready to take, because safe choices never led me further than the tip of my nose. Then, and only after I gave everything I had, I can see a glimpse of what I want to see. To see more than a glimpse, I must repeat that process for my entire life; never staying static, never be totally satisfied of what I got, always be aiming for the next level, always looking out to be better for myself before anything. Because I am me, I’m the one that can help me.

Of course I got to enjoy the little things, enjoy what I got, my entourage, etc. But I must not stay still, telling myself that I got everything I want, everything I deserve. I want the best, and I will deserve it. No fancy shortcuts, I will deserve everything I have. And when I do something, not only will I do it the best that I can, but I will do it better than everyone, because this is the only way to get stronger, to get further in life. I constantly challenge myself, and I get my pride from that. Without pride, without honor, a man is nothing.

I want to get stronger, mentally and physically. I want and I will dominate my opponents. But in order to do so, I will work tirelessly, I will always do the extra work that no one asked me to do, and I will go through hell, but I will not fall. I won’t even kneel down. Sitting down, lying down, these are not options. I will stand up, I will prevail.

Myths & Lies About The Bench Press Exercise

Lots of people talk about how bench press would be bad for people,
especially for baseball player because it would create some imbalances...
Well, here is the proof that bench press is essential to any trainings.
It was made by Eliott Hulse, a strength coach and pro strongman.
If you don't know him, go check his website.

lundi 14 juin 2010

Shoulder Workout

Today was a shitty rainy day, but not an excuse to stay at home.
I did not had that much time, only like 45min-1h, so I went for an intensive shoulder workout.
It went like that:

Rotator cuffs activation with band

BB clean and press
1X8, 1X5, 1X3 with progressing charges,
as much weight as possible for each sets
Superset with 10kg medicine ball slams
(as much as possible)

Incline Bench
Warm up: moderate weight for 15 reps
1X8, 1X5, 1X3 with progressing charges,
as much weight as possible for each sets

Db front raises, 2X10

Db side lateral raises, 2X10

2X rope climbing

Db shrugs 4Xmax reps with progressing charges

jeudi 10 juin 2010

Weigth training exercices to avoid

When it comes to constructing the ultimate weight training program to build muscle, exercise selection is a very important component. You build muscle fastest with compound weight training exercises. Any bodybuilding program that focuses on machines and isolation weight training exercises is a complete waste of time.
Below are the worst weight training exercises on the planet and should be avoided at all costs if you want to build muscle fast.

1) Smith Machine Squats- Squats are one of the best weight training exercise you can do in order to build muscle fast. Doing them on a Smith machine however, is a huge mistake. Squatting in a Smith machine is very hard on the knees and causes the lifter to develop what is known as a pattern overload syndrome. The smith machine isolates the legs while taking the trunk out of the movement. In a normal free weight squat your lower back and abs must stabilize the weight and every muscle group must work in unison. This is how the body functions, as a unit, never in isolation. This can lead to severe imbalances and injuries.

2) Leg Extensions- Compound weight training exercises are the best muscle building exercises there are. Leg extensions are an isolation movement which do very little to build muscle. This movement also creates shearing forces on the knee and should be avoided at all costs.

3) Abduction/ Adduction machines- This is the one where you sit with your legs spread and strapped into the machine. You perform this weight training exercise by opening up or spreading your legs and then closing them. This is another isolation movement which will do nothing to build muscle. On top of that, you will look like a girl if you do it.

4) Abdominal Crunch Machines- The abs never work in isolation in the real world. In fact, the abs do not ever contract consciously. They contract unconsciously as a way to protect the spine. The abdominal muscles never work without the use of the hip flexors yet these isolation crunch machines are specifically designed to take the hip flexors out of the movement. For these reasons, this is a very ineffective weight training exercise for building muscle.

5) Ab Roller Devices- This apparatus is a version of the aforementioned crunch machines and is another useless piece of equipment. This device takes the neck completely out of the movement which is exactly what you don’t want to do. Contracting and or flexing the muscles of the neck during an abdominal crunch is exactly what you want to be doing and is physiologically correct. Another waste of time in the quest to build muscle fast.

6) Smith Machine Bench Press- The bench press is a great muscle building exercise but doing it in the Smith machine is not a good idea. Much like the Smith Machine Squat, this exercise will cause you to develop a pattern overload and will lead to injury. Pressing on the Smith Machine isolates the pressing muscles and completely eliminates the use of the stabilizer muscles, such as the rotator cuff. This will lead to imbalances that can transfer to serious shoulder injuries. You can’t build muscle when you are injured.

7) Bench Dips- This is another weight training exercise that I did for many years and now regret. I routinely did this exercise with four 45 pound plates on my lap. Little did I realize at the time that bench dips put your shoulder in a very dangerous position and can eventually lead to serious problems. While this exercise is useful in building muscle it is also dangerous. If shoulder safety is a concern I recommend that you avoid this exercise and stick with parallel bar dips for building muscle.

8) Concentration Curls- When it comes to weight training and building muscle, everybody’s favorite bodypart is biceps. Chin ups and barbell curls are the best weigth training exercises for building huge biceps. Concentration curls are not. This is a pure isolation movement which supposedly puts a “peak” on your biceps. The only problem with that is the fact that it is physiologically impossible to peak your biceps. Muscles grow evenly along the entire length of the tissue from origin to insertion. When looking at the effectiveness of an exercise one of the key determinants in the results that it may produce is the amount of weight that can be lifted. In a concentration curl it is very difficult to lift a great deal of weight and thus it renders the movement ineffective. If you want to build huge biceps, avoid concentration calls.

9) Bench Press to the Neck- This was a big favorite muscle building exercise of Larry Scott and Vince Gironda. It was supposedly a great muscle building exercise for the upper or clavicular pectoral muscles. The problem with this movement is that it will absolutely destroy the shoulders and can easily lead to a pec tear. This is one movement that you should stay very far away from in your quest to build muscle fast.

10) Old School Pec Dec-This is the supposed muscle building exercise machine which has you bend your arms ninety degrees while externally rotating. You place your arms on the pads and then proceed to bring the pads together in front of your body. This is not only dangerous for the shoulder but is absolutely useless and will not build muscle at all.
11) Knee Break Squats- As mentioned earlier, the squat is the best weight training exercise there is for building muscle. Some trainers and coaches have advocated initiating a squat by first breaking at the knees rather than the hips in an effort to put more stress on the quadriceps muscles. The problem is that this also puts unnecessary stress on the knees and severely limits the amount of weight that can be lifted. Squats should be initiated by first breaking at the hips and sitting back and down, not by breaking at the knees and pushing your knees forward as you descend.
These weight training exercises are listed in no particular order. Unfortunately there are many other weight training exercises that are performed on a routine basis by many lifters that are also useless and dangerous. Those listed above just so happen to be the worst. If a weight training exercise causes pain, you should always avoid it. If a weight training exercise is supposed to target a certain muscle group in isolation and requires you to use extremely light weights it is usually best avoided. The exception to this rule would be prehab and rehab type exercises such as external rotation exercises for the rotator cuff.
Train hard, train smart and focus on the big, basic, compound weight training exercises and you will build muscle fast.

Lift Strong Fundraiser

LIFT STRONG Fundraiser is ON, Friday, 4 PM on June 18th.

ALL Proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Events for High School & Open Division are Listed Below:

Tire Flip: 450 lbs / 600 lbs x 3 reps for time

Farmer Walk: 160 lbs / 200 lbs x Parking Lot for time

Log Clean & Press: 115 lbs / 135 lbs x 30 seconds for reps

Sled Drag: 6 plates / 8 plates x Parking lot for time

Looking forward to seeing who brings home the GOLD this year! As always, it will be a battle.

The High School Division will be brutal with defending champ T. Woods returning and in the Open division we have the defending champ, Curls, coming back, who is also carrying the title of ‘World’s Strongest Athlete’!

Minimum Donation: $ 40 with option to donate more

To qualify for this event you must be able to perform the lifts listed above with the designated weights.

If not, then you gotta get STRONGER!

mercredi 9 juin 2010

Welcome to the underground

Are you still pussy footin' in your gym,
Or have you gotten busy griping and ripping heavy barbells,
stones, sandbags, tires, dumbells and kettlebells?

It's time to become real strong, friend.

Time to go to a whole different world;
The world of The Underground,
Where training holds no rules,
Where Bullsh*t and excuses are not acceptable,
And where cry babies and wimps are smashed and beaten.

This is not only about tour typical physical training,
It's mental as well.
You must have a strong mind to commit to this hardcore training,
And to go trough hell,
Because you will.

It's time to learn some lessons from the real world,
A world where the strength is the only way to survive,
An unconventional world.
In this world, the underground prevails.

It's time to break the mold,

It's time to Break the rules...

mardi 8 juin 2010

First Car pull ever

Hey guys, as a beggining strength coach, I got to preach what I teach. So, here's a video of me, maybe a month ago, pulling my first car ever. This is a really god exercise because it involves the most of your body, especially the legs, obviously, as well as the stabilizers. So, there you go, enjoy this short video and let a comment below.

Hybreed Athletics opening

Hey there, my name is William Lafleur, and this blog is to share you guys two of my passions that I think goes perfectly together; Underground Strength Training and Philosophy.
I say underground strength training and not simply training because there is one major differences between both: Real-Life Strength.
Underground Strength Training ( Let's call it UST) demands a lot of commitment, and a strong belief in it's philosophy, wich should fit well with your personnal philosophy, if you are a hard worker.
Ust is a non-conventionnal type of training, and it's far from the globo-gym BS. It has taken the hard way, because it is the only real way to really succeed. Shortcuts are not an option. Work hard and know how to use your environment and your own body for your training: Bodyweight exercises, Tire flips, Sandbags, Sledgehammers, Stones of all sizes and weight.
In a regular, commercial gym, you will see most of people training on fancy machines that makes you force in what they call "the perfect and most safe way". But if you train that way, you will only be strong on those machines, because you accustomed your body to do a given movement in only a given way. You can't accomodate your strength with your everyday life. That is what I call weakness.
In this vein, Ust is a real-life strength maker, and is also way cheaper, because you don't have to buy all of those fancy and expensive machines.
So, in this blog, I will give you guys exercices, videos of my own trainings, and my own life reflections, concerning training and other life aspects.