mardi 8 juin 2010

Hybreed Athletics opening

Hey there, my name is William Lafleur, and this blog is to share you guys two of my passions that I think goes perfectly together; Underground Strength Training and Philosophy.
I say underground strength training and not simply training because there is one major differences between both: Real-Life Strength.
Underground Strength Training ( Let's call it UST) demands a lot of commitment, and a strong belief in it's philosophy, wich should fit well with your personnal philosophy, if you are a hard worker.
Ust is a non-conventionnal type of training, and it's far from the globo-gym BS. It has taken the hard way, because it is the only real way to really succeed. Shortcuts are not an option. Work hard and know how to use your environment and your own body for your training: Bodyweight exercises, Tire flips, Sandbags, Sledgehammers, Stones of all sizes and weight.
In a regular, commercial gym, you will see most of people training on fancy machines that makes you force in what they call "the perfect and most safe way". But if you train that way, you will only be strong on those machines, because you accustomed your body to do a given movement in only a given way. You can't accomodate your strength with your everyday life. That is what I call weakness.
In this vein, Ust is a real-life strength maker, and is also way cheaper, because you don't have to buy all of those fancy and expensive machines.
So, in this blog, I will give you guys exercices, videos of my own trainings, and my own life reflections, concerning training and other life aspects.

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