jeudi 17 juin 2010

I am the only one who can truly help me reaching my goals, I could be helped by a thousand people, If I'm not ready to do what it takes, then I’m straight dead. I must be ready to believe that I can do whatever I want to do, by giving all I have to give on every aspects of my life, because if I never take any chances in life, then, even if I don’t lose anything, I won’t have anything at all. Life is a risk that I am ready to take, because safe choices never led me further than the tip of my nose. Then, and only after I gave everything I had, I can see a glimpse of what I want to see. To see more than a glimpse, I must repeat that process for my entire life; never staying static, never be totally satisfied of what I got, always be aiming for the next level, always looking out to be better for myself before anything. Because I am me, I’m the one that can help me.

Of course I got to enjoy the little things, enjoy what I got, my entourage, etc. But I must not stay still, telling myself that I got everything I want, everything I deserve. I want the best, and I will deserve it. No fancy shortcuts, I will deserve everything I have. And when I do something, not only will I do it the best that I can, but I will do it better than everyone, because this is the only way to get stronger, to get further in life. I constantly challenge myself, and I get my pride from that. Without pride, without honor, a man is nothing.

I want to get stronger, mentally and physically. I want and I will dominate my opponents. But in order to do so, I will work tirelessly, I will always do the extra work that no one asked me to do, and I will go through hell, but I will not fall. I won’t even kneel down. Sitting down, lying down, these are not options. I will stand up, I will prevail.

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