mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Back Training

The back is one of the most important part of your body,
and one of the biggest source of strength as well.

It is really important to train your back on a regular basis,
and to train it with different methods mixed together as well.

Different methods will help to balance your strength and flexibility,
through your joints, stabilizers and such.
What I suggest is that you mix heavy compound movements to bodyweight
and moderate weight for 10-15 reps to reach the small but important muscles of the back.

Compound movements will give you the overall strength,
because it involves most of your muscles. Bodyweight training will
provide more mobility and flexibility. It also works your stabilizers a lot,
and so does compound do. If you are not a beginner, adding weight to your
bodyweight is a really good way to challenge yourself and to gain more strength.
Finally, I recommend that you use a moderate weight for 10-15reps for exercises 
that train smaller muscles of your back, wich are really important, mostly for your posture.

Finally, here's a view of my today's back workout:

Warm up:
1) Band pull appart, 3X10
2)Pull ups, 2X10

1)BB rows, 4 sets: 1X12, 1X8, 2X5, with as much weight as possible for every sets.
2)Pull ups, 3 sets: 1Xmax, 2Xmax with a 20 pounds db holded by my knee.
3)Seated cable rows, 3X10-12 with a heavy weight.
4)Face pulls, 3X15-20 with a moderate weight.
5)Back extension, 2X10 with a 35 pound KB.
6) sumo deadlifts, 2x10, 1X5.

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