mardi 21 septembre 2010

Gun Show

Whatever the size of the arm, nothing is more impressive than bulging biceps like hills. It may or may not be supported by genetics, but in any event, a good knowledge of exercises for the biceps can make a difference. The biceps has two beams: the short portion (inside) and the long portion (external). The long portion is what forms the curved part of the muscle: it is therefore essential to mobilize the long head and curl the bar, the spacing of hands plays a role.

Taking classic grip (shoulder wide) targets mainly the short portion of the muscle. The more we take out the hands beyond the width of the shoulders, the more the short portion is mobilized to the detriment of the long portion. The nearer the hands, the less you target the short portion and the more you target the long portion. In conclusion, if you want to engage the long-part and even accentuate the curves of the biceps, add some curls with just a little closer grip than shoulder width in your program for biceps.

But, don’t emphasize the biceps too much in your training. In fact, this is a very common error. Most gym beginners or globo gyms minded dudes just want bigger guns. But the fact is, with a good and complete training program, you will already train your biceps indirectly. Indeed, when you train your back, the pulling force you apply engages your biceps in the movement. For example, Lat pull downs or Pull ups works your lats and your teres major, but it also involves your biceps and your brachialis in the movement.

So, you can add some gun show work at the end of a workout, but I highly recommend that you focus on the main muscles and that you put your compound movements in priority.

Go Hard or Go Home
-Will, Hybreed Athletics

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