mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Back from a deload week

Yesterday was my first training after my deload week: Kicked my ass, but with moderation; when you come back from a deload week, don't go and push yourself like crazy, or you will put too much useless stress on your body. You got to go hard but smart; get progressive loading with a good rep range so your body can get a good stimulus. Like Jason Ferrugia says: Stimulate, don't annihilate.

So here's how the workout went:

Dynamic warmup with bodyweight and bands&tennis ball tissue work

1) BB Bench press: warmup, 4X5 with progressing charges, then max rep with 1plate on each side
2) Hang cleans: moderate weight, 2X Max
3a) Pullups: 3X12-15
3b) Bodyweight Dips: 3X12-15
4) BB Bent Over rows, moderate weight: 3X15,12,10 with progressing charges
5) BB Shrugs, moderate weight with 2sec. hold: 3X12-15
6) DB Towel Hammer curls: 2X Max, for some grip&forearm work.

Train hard&smart,
Hybreed Athletics

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