lundi 3 janvier 2011

Get your walk on

Too often I see people talking about upper body, wheter it's mass, strength, and all that stuff.
But what about the legs? Don't tell me you do some lame treadmill or bycicle cardio, that's not
a leg training.Legs are one of the most important part of your body, and I'd say the most important one. 
We were designed to be athletes, and what's an athlete without strong legs? Don't come and tell that squats are not good for knees, and, most importantly, don't touch to those f*cking machines, period.
But first of all, you got to train smart. Mix the training methods, tweek up your sets/reps in regard of your objectives and see the way it goes, and modify your training in regards of that. Don't forget to change your training depending of when you are in and off season, otherwise, you are killing your progress in the gym and on the field.

So, here is what my leg training looked like this week:

Dynamic warmup of 10minutes

1a) BB Squats: 4X5
1b) Depth jumps 4X5
2) Bulgarian split squat jumps holding light DBs: 2Xmax
3a) GHR with a 45lbs plate: 3X12
3b) Stability ball curls: 3X15
4) Heavy DB lunges: 3X6 each side
5) Hill sprints. You don't feel like it? Shut up and do it.

Try this and give me feedback on how it went, or just comments on what you think of it!

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