jeudi 10 février 2011

Back from a pause week

This week I am getting back from a week off, which can be a great way to deload when you are putting lots of stress on your CNS from heavy weights, read more there:

So this week went like this so far:

Day 1: Max effort upper body

Foam roll
Dynamic Warm-up
1)Bench press: 5X5, then right after the last set, 1 set of max rep speed bench
2)DB clean and press alterning with snatch and press, alterning arms: 3X10
3a)Corner rows: 4X12
3b)Cable tricep pushdown: 4X12
4a)DB Shrugs: 3x12
4b)DB alternate hammer curls: 3X10
Foam roll

Day 2: Max effort lower body

Foam roll
Dynamic Warm-Up
1)BB Squat: 5X5, then one set of max reps with a ligth weight
2)Good Mornings: 2X8
3)Bulgarian Split Squat jump with light DB: 3X6
4)GHR: 4X12
5)DB complex finisher, see the video below:
Foam Roll
Here's a great DB complex finisher I took from Joe DeFranco:

Day 3 comming soon, stay tuned!
There you go guys, let me know what you think of it, and what you would change perhaps!

Sh*t Up and Lift!
-Will, Hybreed Athletics

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