jeudi 24 février 2011

Do work

Like they say at Krank systems, Do Work Son!
With that being said, today's training went like this:
Upper body:

-Proper dynamic warmup

1) BB Bench press: 6x3
2a) Corner rows, 3x8-12
2b) Incline DB bench press: 3x8-12
3a) Dips: 3x15
3b) Chin ups, hammer curl stance: 3x12-15
3c) Band pull appart: 3x15-20
4) DB Shrugs: 4x8-12
Then, I felt like I could do some more work, so I threw this in:
With light elite bands: 
5a) Triceps pushdowns: 3xmax
5b) Hammer curls(with bands, not db): 3xmax

After that, I was wasted, but in the good way. Now it's time for recovery.

Hard work&dedication.
-Will, Hybreed Athletics

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