mardi 22 février 2011

Training for real

One mistake that too many people do is to think that to build more muscle, they have to train more often and with too much volume, leaving no chance of adaptation to their body, as they keep crushing their CNS. For example, to ignite their muscle growth, lots of people tend to divide each muscle group, ending up with a tem plate that looks like this:
Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms, and sometimes they even split biceps and triceps, which give a 6 day training template.

Yes, this template can get you bigger, but not really stronger, and certainly not explosive. Even if you are just going for the bulky look, it’s not worth it at all, as people most likely will destroy their system, as said previously. So I ask you: is the look worth being tired all the time, unable of any high intensity physical effort? F*ck no! This kind of unhealthy lifestyle will just fall right back in your face as you grow older. The word is less. Less is more, so train smart.

On my opinion, everyone should train as athletes; be strong instead of just looking ripped: be functional. The situation I described earlier is the problem of our society; the pussification of the human race has gotten too far (Thanks to Zach Even-Esh for the quote). What is the point of looking big and ripped, when you turn out looking like a total wuss when helping a friend to move some furniture? I say man up!

So, the best way to train, on my opinion, is explosively, with big, multiple muscles involving exercises. Train your whole upper body or lower body on a single day. Engaging multiple muscle groups in a movement is the best way of being functional, and therefore, developing real strength; not the type of strength that allows you to do leg curls or fancy arm curls on the machines with all the weight on, I’m talking about real world strength here. So get back to the basics, get underground. Lift like a man.

A good way to train like this is to, of course, do compound movements, and then mix some big lifts and assistance work, but not on those machines. If you want, you can add a vanity day depending on your schedule and template. Conditioning is also a good idea (don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about cardio), because it enhances recovery and increases your athletic performances if done correctly. If you can get your hands on a sled and/or prowler, I highly suggest you do that; it’s simply one of the best recovery/speed tools I ever seen, and this will get you real man calves, not like those wussy calves raises I hope to never see you do.

If you are competing in any sports, between your high effort days, add some dynamic speed training, like sprints and jumps. This will make you more quick and explosive, while also making the blood go through your muscles, bringing nutrients to improve your recovery, as this type of effort doesn’t rip your muscles, but stimulates them.
So a good training template could look like this:
Note that this is a basic training template, designed to make you generally stronger, but this is not sport specific, but if you would like to see something more specific, just get in touch with me and we’ll work it out!
Max effort upper:
BB Bench press
Incline DB press
2x max
A.      Corner rows
B.      Dips or close grip BB bench press
C.      Face pulls
BB Shrugs
BB complex (see video below)
2-3x complex
Max effort lower :
A.      Squat
B.      Depth jump
Unilateral DB step ups
A.      Glute Ham Raise, weighted or bodyweight
B.      Jumping lunges, light db or bodyweight
DB complex or HIIT on a treadmill
2x complex or HIIT, see below

DB complex: 10x each exercise:
HIIT on a treadmill: High Intensity Interval Training: 30sec. Sprints, 30sec. Walk, x10
Repetition upper body:
DB alternate bench press
4x8 each arms
A.      Pull ups
3x almost max; leave 1rep in the tank
B.      Band pull apart
A.      Push ups on DBs, weighted if possible
B.      Bent over rows
A.      Standing DB military press
B.      DB hammer curls, both arms same time
Farmers walks
5x distance

Here I suggest you add an abdominal circuit, and add some grip work after your upper body trainings.

If you want to know more about training to get real strength&real results, then I strongly suggest you go take a look at those 2 links below:

So here you go crazy dudes, let me know what you think about this.
Train hard, train underground
-Will, Hybreed Athletics

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