mardi 22 mars 2011

Death by iron

Hey there guys, today was an upper body day, I kept it simple but with high intensity, felt good, kranked up some good reps with some heavy weight. In other words, I attempted death by iron. Feels good to be alive!

1.BB Bench Press
2a. Incline DB Press
2b.Corner Rows
3a.Triangle Triceps Extension
3.Bent Over DB Rows
4.Rickshaw Shrugs
4x12-15, max reps on 2 last sets

As you may have noticed, theres no chin ups/pull ups. What I did instead is that between my bench sets and between my shrugs sets I kranked some mixed grips pull ups to get it done. The goal here is not to exhaust yourself on the pull ups; you do 8-10 depending on your capacity, leaving reps in the tank, just to pump the back muscles real good.

So here you go guys, give it a shot!
Keep it Strong,
-Will, HyBreed Training Systems

mardi 15 mars 2011


We live in a fucked up world, no doubt about that. More and more problems of society are emerging. As those problems are showing up, we try to find solutions to those problems; that’s just the way it is. Where things begin to get screwed up is when we begin to try and take shortcuts. Instead of facing the situation, people tend to go around it, leaving it there so it will blow up in someone else’s face. Shortcuts appear as the easy and simple solution because we don’t have to deal with the problem, so everything is for the better. But let’s put it that way: You go to the gym, you want to get stronger. So you show up there and stack weight on the bar. As you come to lift it, you take a good look at it, realise that it may be heavy, which will necessitate you to struggle, to battle for your lifts. As it looks hard, you leave it there and proceed to the next exercise. Needless to say you won’t get stronger; you’ll stay weak.

That’s what’s killing us right now; we dodge the problems, leaving some other people to deal with all the crap. People don’t get stronger this way. But the problems, the challenges, they get harder and harder, because that’s what life does; it sends us trials we must go through to adapt ourselves, to get better. When people end up having no other choice but to deal with what’s coming, being too weak, they get other people to help them. But try to deadlift with 5-6 other persons holding the bar. Yes, you will most likely lift the weight, but you won’t get personally stronger. Having someone to watch your back, to spot you is a good idea, because adding to the fact that it prevents you from getting crushed by the weight, it gives you the motivation to crank yourself up and to dominate the weight; to walk that extra mile where most people stop. But other than that, you have to be strong as a person in order to overcome the obstacles in your way.

We were designed to be strong. In our primal state, there were no place for the weak; it was DO or DIE. You had to be a straight up warrior, a washed up meathead. Everyone had to be athletes: not only strong, but also quick and agile; explosive as f*ck. There were none of the comforts that pussyfied our modern civilisation, people had to run, sprint, jump and hunt. When your survival depends on your physical state and your mindset, you got to step it up and DO WORK! Being strong is not easy, I won’t lie to you. It takes a total devotion; always seek to get better, or life will catch up on you and you’ll end up left in dust. Keep challenging yourself before someone else does and outruns you; it’s the only way to take control of your life and to get the things you want and work hard to deserve.

If you want what’s best then you got to do what it takes: hard work & dedication, that’s the only way to kick ass and take names. To prevail, you must battle your way to the top, be relentless. Claim what you deserve. Again: DO or DIE.
Hard work pays off
-Will, Hybreed Athletics

samedi 12 mars 2011

Feels good to feel good

Hey there guys, hope you are doing awesome.
Today I went to hit some weight in the morning, 
and I gotta say, I haven't felt that good in the gym
in a long time! I worked my ass up and got an awesome
training. The reason for this is probably sleep and food.
Slept a good 8 hour, woke up early, ate a good pre-training meal.
Anyway, let's cut the crap. Here's how it went:

First, after a good dynamic warmup, I started with
a heavy lift to krank some sh*t up, felt awesome!

1. DB alternate clean and press: 3x6
2a. Alternate DB press laying on a stab ball: 4x10-12
2b. Wide grip lat pulldown with a 2sec hold: 4x12-15
3a. Banded Push ups: 2xmax
3b. Mixed grips pull ups: 2xmax
4a. DB flat flyes: 3x12
4b. BB upright rows: 3x15
5a. Tricep triangle extension: 3x12-15
5b. BB wide grip curls: 3x 12-15
Core circuit: 2x circuit
    1. Sprinter sit-ups x20
    2. V-ups x15
    3. Toe touches x15
    4. Hip-ups x15

Heres some link to the exercises you might not be familiar with:

Triangle tricep extension:

There you go guys.
As you may have noticed, it's more of a bodybuilding inspired training. It is, but it was my 2nd upper body training of the week, which means I also have a max effort upper body day. What this repetition day gives is some good size to support your strength gains. While in off-season, depending of the sport you compete in, you want to put on some size for the next season, like for football  and rugby players. But the thing is, before all, do not sacrifice mobility for some extra size, never, this will only result in shitty performances on the field.

Keep it strong!
-Will, HyBreed Athletics

jeudi 10 mars 2011

Fear of Failure

These days, success is said to be what determines us as who we are, instead of being who we are that determines our life and the type of success that we'll get. Personality slowly fades down, following the "safe" path designed by the modern society. Because we are afraid of failing, almost no one dares to claim his humanity, to take action and get the control of his life. Some people are afraid to jump into the void, to make that step onto an unstable platform, just because it sounds like a risky buisness. Without a full commitment, you can't have that thing you thrive for. You have to take that chance if you want to get closer to your goal.

The way I see things, life without failure is simply not living. Life is all about taking chances, diving off in the dark, not knowing where we will land. To get better, wether it is in your career or in sports, you have to step up your game, to do the extra work, walk the extra mile that makes the difference between winning and losing, and fear of failure holds us from any of that.

Fear is holding us back, like chains. But that's what we do in the underground; we take those chains and we lift them, making ourselves stronger, forging a better version of our own person, because we can always get better. Our strengths comes from our failures; it teaches us lessons, and we learn about ourselves through that.   
Everytime I fall, it's up to me to figure out how to get back up and not fall like this again. Failures reveals our weaknesses, and making a strength out of a weakness is what divides the strongs from the weaks, those who will live their own lives and those who will stay in their slumber, doing everything they are told to do, without ever questionning themselves.

So ask yourself: how will you be remembered?
As a coward of as a soldier who dared to stand up?
Your call.

Hard work & Dedication,
-Will, HyBreed Athletics

mercredi 9 mars 2011

Upper body

Hey there undergrounders, here's a complete upper body training that you can do in any gym, but that still kills it, underground style. Yeah, that's it, no whinning, no pussyfootin', just pure hard work & dedication.

Dynamic warmup
Bench warm up with progressing charges

1. Bench press: 5x5, then immediatly after the last set, 1 max rep speed bench set
2a. Incline DB press: 4x6-8
2b. Corner rows: 4x6
3a. Dips: 3x12-15
3b. Db Kroc rows: 3x12
4a. Shrugs: 3x8-12
4b. Incline rear delt flys: 3x15
Finisher: 100 push ups as fast as possible

There you go guys, give it a shot!
Work hard, no excuses.
-Will, HyBreed Athletics