jeudi 10 mars 2011

Fear of Failure

These days, success is said to be what determines us as who we are, instead of being who we are that determines our life and the type of success that we'll get. Personality slowly fades down, following the "safe" path designed by the modern society. Because we are afraid of failing, almost no one dares to claim his humanity, to take action and get the control of his life. Some people are afraid to jump into the void, to make that step onto an unstable platform, just because it sounds like a risky buisness. Without a full commitment, you can't have that thing you thrive for. You have to take that chance if you want to get closer to your goal.

The way I see things, life without failure is simply not living. Life is all about taking chances, diving off in the dark, not knowing where we will land. To get better, wether it is in your career or in sports, you have to step up your game, to do the extra work, walk the extra mile that makes the difference between winning and losing, and fear of failure holds us from any of that.

Fear is holding us back, like chains. But that's what we do in the underground; we take those chains and we lift them, making ourselves stronger, forging a better version of our own person, because we can always get better. Our strengths comes from our failures; it teaches us lessons, and we learn about ourselves through that.   
Everytime I fall, it's up to me to figure out how to get back up and not fall like this again. Failures reveals our weaknesses, and making a strength out of a weakness is what divides the strongs from the weaks, those who will live their own lives and those who will stay in their slumber, doing everything they are told to do, without ever questionning themselves.

So ask yourself: how will you be remembered?
As a coward of as a soldier who dared to stand up?
Your call.

Hard work & Dedication,
-Will, HyBreed Athletics

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