samedi 12 mars 2011

Feels good to feel good

Hey there guys, hope you are doing awesome.
Today I went to hit some weight in the morning, 
and I gotta say, I haven't felt that good in the gym
in a long time! I worked my ass up and got an awesome
training. The reason for this is probably sleep and food.
Slept a good 8 hour, woke up early, ate a good pre-training meal.
Anyway, let's cut the crap. Here's how it went:

First, after a good dynamic warmup, I started with
a heavy lift to krank some sh*t up, felt awesome!

1. DB alternate clean and press: 3x6
2a. Alternate DB press laying on a stab ball: 4x10-12
2b. Wide grip lat pulldown with a 2sec hold: 4x12-15
3a. Banded Push ups: 2xmax
3b. Mixed grips pull ups: 2xmax
4a. DB flat flyes: 3x12
4b. BB upright rows: 3x15
5a. Tricep triangle extension: 3x12-15
5b. BB wide grip curls: 3x 12-15
Core circuit: 2x circuit
    1. Sprinter sit-ups x20
    2. V-ups x15
    3. Toe touches x15
    4. Hip-ups x15

Heres some link to the exercises you might not be familiar with:

Triangle tricep extension:

There you go guys.
As you may have noticed, it's more of a bodybuilding inspired training. It is, but it was my 2nd upper body training of the week, which means I also have a max effort upper body day. What this repetition day gives is some good size to support your strength gains. While in off-season, depending of the sport you compete in, you want to put on some size for the next season, like for football  and rugby players. But the thing is, before all, do not sacrifice mobility for some extra size, never, this will only result in shitty performances on the field.

Keep it strong!
-Will, HyBreed Athletics

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