mercredi 9 mars 2011

Upper body

Hey there undergrounders, here's a complete upper body training that you can do in any gym, but that still kills it, underground style. Yeah, that's it, no whinning, no pussyfootin', just pure hard work & dedication.

Dynamic warmup
Bench warm up with progressing charges

1. Bench press: 5x5, then immediatly after the last set, 1 max rep speed bench set
2a. Incline DB press: 4x6-8
2b. Corner rows: 4x6
3a. Dips: 3x12-15
3b. Db Kroc rows: 3x12
4a. Shrugs: 3x8-12
4b. Incline rear delt flys: 3x15
Finisher: 100 push ups as fast as possible

There you go guys, give it a shot!
Work hard, no excuses.
-Will, HyBreed Athletics

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