lundi 18 juillet 2011

Home training

There are just no excuses not to train. Home, outside, gym, whatever. Man up and do some f*cking work!

So, with that said, let's proceed with the training.
Today I was gome doing some personnal work and felt like a lazy f*ck for not doing anything.
Has this ever happened to you? probably. 
If you have a pair of dumbells, grab em' and you can kick your ass with just that and bodyweight.
In my case, I have different weights, so for all the set/rep ranges, I used max reps for the given rep number, leaving maybe 1-2 reps in the tank considering there was another set comming and when you decide to do something, you just do it all or don't do it.
You're either IN or IN the way.

So here's how the upper body session went, off course it's not a max effort strength emphasized training, but it does the job when you are at home without lots of equipment and don't want to be no sissy sitting all day.

DB clean&press 3x8 ea.side
   2min rest

2a. Db one hand floor press 4x12
2b. Db b/o row 4x12-15 ea.side
   2min rest

3a. DB Curls 3x12
3b. Band curl 2xmax
   90sec rest

4a. Db tricep rollout 2x10
4b. DB crush press 2x12
4c. Band tricep pulldown 2x max
   90sec rest


Plank to pusp up 1min x2 (5sec. plank, 1 pushup. repeat for 1 minute)

skipping pull up w/ legs raise 2x45sec (Not sure of the actual name, they are like jumping pullups but with very minimal help from the legs, and with a negative resistance on the way down to burn the lats as a finisher)

DB hold 2xalap (as long as possible)

Now, you man up and get some work done, no excuses.

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