dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Underground Certified!

Hey there guys, I just came back from Zach's Underground Certification and I must say this sh*t was straigth up awesome! Z had some coaches from Crossfit Central to come and share their knowledges on kettlebell work, new movements, mobility, etc. So with all of this knowledge, I am now ready to rock the Underground Strength Training in Quebec! So stay tuned guys, and you might want to go and see my facebook page, which is the buisness I have with my partner.

So if any of you is thinking about getting any kind of certification for your gym, Edison NJ it is! Zach has the mastermind in the biz and will really do what it takes to get you fired and fully equiped. I must also admit i had some pre conceived ideas about crossfit, so when I saw the coaches come in I had some wonders, but I don't anymore. I am still not that much into crossfit because I believe it is not specific enough for an athlete, and it may have too much volume for athletes again. But I saw that these guys were not only in the typical crossfit stuff, but also in strength, underground style! So from there I really got to listen to them and they had some great ideas to share.

With all that said, I will live the code. I will represent the Underground In quebec and dedicate my life to this. Here is my pledge.
Here is more info about the cert

Keept it strong guys,

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